Pursuant to Article 15 paragraph 4 of the LAW ON SAFETY AND HEALTH AT WORK (“The Official Gazette of RS”, No. 101/05 and 91/15), and the Ordinance that came into force on January 7, 2017. Years (“The Official Gazette of RS”, No. 109/16) refers to the provision of first aid, as well as the type of equipment and equipment in the workplace for first aid.

All legal entities in the territory of Serbia are obliged to have a first aid kit in the form of a TS1 locker or portable handbags TT1.

Number of first aid kits witch are need according to the number of employees:

For business locations up to 20 employees 1 first-aid kit

For business locations of 20-100 employees 2 first-aid kits

Further, for every 100 employees, another one first aid kit