Group of non-sterile medical devices I class for singe use, manufactured according to high standards. It is intended for folding and fixing materials for the protection and immobilization of various types of injuries and wounds.

Kaliko farbani


Products made of raw cotton yarn, packed individually into cellophane wrappers. It is made with woven or without woven. It is intended for external usage.


It is made of bleached and purified cotton gauze with a density of 17 threads / cm2 and 20 threads / cm2 in lengths 5 and 10 meters.

Kaliko bez kese 1
Trougla marama u boji


Non-sterile, medical device I class, for single use. Triangular bandages are made according to given size. They are packaged individually in the zip bag. The product is not sterile and should not come in direct contact with damaged and unprotected tissue.