Sterilization plant for medical devices and other sensitive products on sterilization is based on sterilization with gas ETHYLENE OXIDE . Sterilizer with ethylene oxide is a special unit for sterilization, in which gas under certain temperature, pressure and humidity performs does sterilization of matter within the sterilizer chamber.

Compared to traditional pressure sterilization method, this sterilization process has greater penetration, a wider spectrum of sterilization and a better effect. It does not damage the materials, while achieving an effect at relative low temperature, humidity and pressure.

Application of sterilizers:

Medical devices (Injectors, transfusion systems, surgical gloves, catheters, systems for oxygenotherapy and others)

Medical devices (Endoscopes, pacemakers, dental equipment, life support apparatus and others)

Sanitary products (Napkins, wipes, toothpicks and others)

Drugs (Certain preparations and encapsulated drugs)

Cultural goods and money (Historical relics, plant and animal samples, documents, archives, paintings and coins)

Textiles (Clothing, leather, fur, fabrics)


Instruments and meters (Electronic instruments, optical instruments, recorders and telephone sets)

Chemicals (perfumes, polyester and synthetic fibers)